Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Providence College Choir and Jazz Ensemble in the web

Dear travelers and friends of Providence College Choir and Jazz Ensemble

While overseas, is difficult to get all the media links and prints that happen around a performance tour.
In Incantato, we try to make it easier for you, and therefore we bring you some screenshots of the choral and music related media that can be more relevant to you.

Here you have some samples (we will be adding during the tour):

Levante, the most read newspaper in Valencia Community

Notikumi, Barcelona agenda online

Valencia: Café Mercedes Jazz, a top jazz club in Spain

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The PC Jazz Ensemble performs at the Cafe del Conservatorio del Liceu, in Barcelona, on Wednesday 22 May, 2013

The Providence College Jazz Ensemble will open their "Saxophones and Rhythm" Performance Tour to Spain in the Cafe del Conservatorio del Liceu. The concert will take place on Wednesday 22 may, at 8 pm.

Incantato is happy to announce this performance in a really important and historical institution as the Conservatory of the Liceu, where famous artists like Montserrat Caballe, Pau Casals or Maria Victoria de los Angeles, among others, have grown as artists and musicians.

The Cafe del Conservatorio, with independent access from the street, offers a year-round program on concerts, jam sessions and recitals. 20 feet of stage are waiting on the PC Jazz Ensemble for a wonderful beginning in their Incantato Performance Tour to Spain.

Incantato proudly presents the Providence College Jazz Ensemble at Cafe Mercedes Jazz, Valencia

While visiting the beautiful city of Valencia, third biggest city in Spain, the Providence College Jazz Ensemble is scheduled to perform in the very famous Cafe Mercedes Jazz on Thursday, May 23, 2013.

The PC Jazz Ensemble, under the Direction of Dr. Cristopher Kelton, will perform their "Saxophones and Rhythm" repertoire at 10,30 pm, at the Cafe Mercedes, one of the top Jazz clubs in the country. Their American Jazz repertoire, all arranged by  Michael C. Kregler, will surely be very familiar to the jazzy audience of the Cafe Mercedes Jazz.

Located in the very elegant quarter of Russafa, Cafe Mercedes has a great location, surrounded by a warm atmosphere of restaurants of all styles, a very known area for both locals and visitors.

This is the second concert that the PC Jazz Ensemble has scheduled during their Incantato Performing Tour in Spain, and we certainly expect all Providence College travelers to enjoy this very venue.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Travel Tip: What to pack for your Incantato performance tour.

Dear travellers from Providence College Performance Tour,

As your departure for your 2013 performance tour comes closer and closer, Incantato Tours provides you with different travel tips to make it easier for you to get ready for your trip.

For most people, packing for a trip is the most difficult part. 
The solution for many is to just pack as much as you
possibly can into your suitcase and backpack, 
but as a colleague explains it: 
"You'll be thanking me later when you don't break your back from having to carry everything on your own. Don't do it!" 
Her advice: "Pack as lightly as you can. The best way to get it all to fit nicely into your suitcase is to fold it nicely and then roll it tightly. It can all fit into your bag like a puzzle."
Keep in mind, however, that many cathedrals have a dress code and will not allow you to walk in if you are wearing tank tops or shorts. A scarf is a good solution to this code. And shorts should always go to your knees (both for Ladies and Gents).
Here are a few things that we think are essential to have to be comfortable with what the weather brings and with the weight of your bag - remember, we allow only one checked bag per person and a small carry-on such as a bag pack or small duffel.

A sample packing list (just a suggestion!):
  • Rain jacket, maybe with fleece insert
  • Umbrella
  • Gloves, scarf, hat… if you tend to feel chilly!
  • An adapter plug/converter (if you are bringing electronic devices, please check if they are compatible, most new devices are – most……)
  • Camera and batteries or charger with adapter
  • At least two pair of jeans/pants, ladies may want to bring a couple skirts or dresses, too
  • A sweater or two, (or three, if you tend to feel chilly).
  • Plenty of shirts, including a polo or two and at least two dress shirts (Europeans dress much more formal than Americans)
  • Plenty of undergarments and socks for daily changes
  • A watch, make-up and jewelry if applicable (carry on any valuables at all times)
  • Choir music and attire
  • Don't forget shoes, we recommend a maximum of three pairs (tennis shoes, good everyday shoes, dress shoes). Bring nice concert shoes, but make sure that you will be able to walk long distances in them. Europeans do not wear flip flops other than to the pool or at the beach.
  • Put all liquids that are in your carry-on into a zip-lock bag. And remember the 311 rules: TSA | Transportation Security Administration | 3-1-1 on Air Travel
  • All scissors, fingernail clippers, etc. are better packed in your check-in luggage along with liquids over 3 ounces. Bring enough contact lense solution and prescription medication that you may need for the whole duration of the trip.
  • If you forget anything there are plenty of shops where you can by shampoo, toothpaste, etc.

You can also check more info on:
Little things about Spain before packing
Travel tip: Money matters

Please do not hesitate to address us with any questions you might have about this or any other matter. We would love to help you!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Little things about Spain before packing

In Incantato we love you to enjoy every single step of your way. Here you have some info on little things you might want to know about Spain before getting on the plane. Maybe they help you to enjoy better!

We have this saying:
“1 just-in-case worths more than 100 if-I-had-knew...

Here we go:
-  It is customary to have always some kind of identification with a picture. You can use your passport or your driving license. It is good to have a photocopy of your passport done and kept elsewhere.
- In order to use a credit card, you will need to activate it and to get a pin number before coming to Europe: Let your bank know. No pin means no cash from ATMs.
- American Express credit card is not accepted in many places.
- Any kind of Traveler Checks is not accepted, and if it is, it becomes very expensive
- Generally food and clothes are more expensive in Spain than in USA.
- It is forbidden to smoke in public places, including play grounds for kids in parks.
- Please bring a photocopy of your prescriptions in case you need medication. This is a just-in-case! The active ingredient is good to know too, as we do not always have the same medicines (though mostly)
Medieval Toledo streets
- Old town means cobblestoned hilly streets, pedestrian areas, steps... Happy feet help to have a happy tour. Please do bring comfy shoes.
- Flip-flops are for sure not comfortable in our old towns, but they migh be in the hotels. We do not go barefoot around!
- Showing your knees / shoulders is forbidden in the churches. We will be entering churches almost daily – concerts, art, history... Please bring appropriate clothing. Knee long pants/skirts. Girls can use a scarf to cover their shoulders. Men are not supposed to use it.
- Laundry service in hotels is very expensive. Still we do not have Laundromats around (few at the students area in Madrid and Barcelona)
Please if you have any specific question do not hesitate to contact us. There is so many little things that we could tell you! The best is that you will come to see them!
Hasta la vista!

Travel Tip: Money matters

Dear travelers, Money is a delicate subject. 

The best way to use your money during your upcoming trip is to have a debit card; this allows you to withdraw money from any ATM machine with only being charged a small withdrawal fee. The fee differs between banks. 
Be sure to call your bank before your departure to tell them where you are going and for how long so they won't freeze your account. The debit cards given by the bank has the compatibility of Visa, MasterCard, however, Visa is the most widely accepted worldwide. 

If you bring cash, you can exchange it but you will lose more money as they charge for their services. Most places in Europe won't accept traveler's checks anymore. 
Today, the exchange rate is: 1 USD = 0,772 EUR  /  1 EUR = 1,293 USD

Also, be prepared to pay for water and a little fee for restroom use. Last not least, there are no free refills on soft drinks in Europe which is why most Europeans ask for little to no ice in their drinks.

We suggest you have some spending money available and our recommendation is around 25 Dollar per day for the meals not included, snacks, drinks, postcards, some souvenirs. It is not imperative that you have this amount of money. There are many ways to lower your expenses such as:
· Most restaurants have menus outside so you can check their price range.
· Venture off the main roads to find a restaurant. These usually have more character, better food, and better prices.
· Bring your own water bottle. Most places have safe tap water to fill up with.
· Buy food from the "convenient" stores. You don't have to sit down in the restaurant for every meal.
· Shop around for souvenirs; many stores have the same things on sale for very different prices.

Last not least, remember that your Incantato Tour Manager is with you pretty much 24/7. The guide is there to help you make the right choices.

Travel tip: Measures conversion chart

Dear friends and family from Providence College Performance Tour travelers,

We hope this chart helps you getting oriented in the different measures used in Spain.
Please notice money conversion changes everyday. 

Measures conversion chart

USA - Rhode Island
1 euros
1,29 dollars
x 1,2932
0,77 EUR
x 0,77328
1 sq meter
10,76 sq yard
x 1,19
1 yr2
0,83 m2
x 0,83
1 Meter (m)
3,28 feet
x 3
1 feet
0,3 metros
x 0,3
1 Kilometer
0,62 miles
x 0,62
1 miles
1,61 Km
x 1,61
1 kilograms
2,20 pounds
x 2,2
1 pound(lb)
0,45 Kg
x 0,45
1 liter
0,26 gallons
x 0,26
1 gal
3,79 l
x 3,79
10º Celsius
50º fahrenheit
60º F
15,5º C
20 ºC
68º F
70º F
21,1º C
30º C
86º F
80º F
26,6º C
12:00 noon 
6 am (behind)
- 6 hrs
12:00 noon
6 pm (ahead)
+ 6 hrs

Monday, May 13, 2013

PC College Choir, featured choir at the "Traslacion" Holy Mass in Basilica of San Vicente Ferrer, Valencia, Friday 24 may.

Incantato proudly presents a very special Choral Mass: 
Traslación de Santo Domingo 
at the Basilica of San Vicente Ferrer, in Valencia, next Friday 24, at 8pm.

(Front of the Basilica, jdiazarnal)

The Basilica de San Vicente Ferrer, home of the Royal Order of Preachers, celebrates its most important Holy Mass dedicated to the "Traslacion de Santo Domingo", (Saint Dominic traslation). 
The Providence College Choir, together with the Coro del Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Valencia, has been invited to sing at this very special and important Mass. 

(Rosary Chapel, jdiazarnal)
The  Basilica of San Vicente Ferrer was started in 1906 and finished in 1919 in the Neo-gothic style and the architects who worked on it were Francisco Estruch, Joaquin Maria Arnau Miramon, and Francisco Almenar Quinza. The church has a Latin cross ground plan with five naves. The two exterior naves have the chapels. The stained glass windows were made by Maumejean of Madrid and show scenes in the life of San Vicente Ferrer in the main nave, while showing the mysteries of the Rosary in the crossing and presbytery. During the Spanish Civil War, the church was heavily damaged. 
In 1951 Pope Pius XII gave it the title of minor basilica.

Main nave, (jdizarnal)
The central nave has pointed arches and has pilasters and columns that have Corinthian capitals. The façade is very impositng and has two towers (39 meters high) that are topped with needle like spires. There is a rose window on top of the main doorway. The cupola has an octagonal shape and has a height of 45 meters, having eight windows that bring in light and have stained glass that uses Bohemian crystal. The main altar has a canopy and it has the image of San Vicente Ferrer. There is a side chapel of San Jose with an altarpiece dedicated to the Virgin, called the Altar del Rosario, made from wood and alabaster. It was the work of Jose Justo Villalba.

After the Choral Mass, both the Providence College Choir and the choir of the Professional Conservatory of Valencia, will give a short concert, followed by a Reception by the Dominican Friars.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Providence Flight Info

Dear PC travelers, please find below your flight schedules
and we hope you enjoy all the updates on this blog and our on Facebook page Incantato Concert Tours.

To Europe: Monday, May 20 2013: Lufthansa flight LH423 leaves Boston for Frankfurt, Germany at 4:45 pm with an arrival on Tuesday, May 21 at 5:45 am. Connect to Barcelona with LH 1124 at 7:45 am with an arrival in Spain at 9:45 am. 
Return to the USA: Wednesday, May 29, Lufthansa flight LH 1801 leaves Madrid for Munich, Germany at 12:10 pm, connect after your 2:45 pm arrival in Munich to Boston with LH 424 at 3:45 pm and arrive in Boston at 6:35 pm local time. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Incantato presents Providence College Choir: Chorale Concert at Iglesia de San Pedro, Cuenca, on Saturday 25 May.

The singers of the Providence College Choir, from Rhode Island, will perform at the Church of San Pedro in Cuenca on Saturday, May 25, 2013.

The Church of San Pedro, located within the hilltop town of Cuenca, was built in the twelfth century atop the ruins of an ancient mosque, shortly after the city was conquered by Alfonso VIII. 
In the mid-fifteenth century, the church played an important role as ally to Bishop Lope de Barrientos throughout his battles with Don Diego Hurtado de Mendoa, the Marquis of Canete.

The original church was destroyed in 1499 and rebuilt in 1604 only to fall to ruins once again during the War of Succession in 1700. Later in the eighteenth century, during the Episcopate of Don Jose Florez Osorio, the church, like many others within the diocese of Cuenca, underwent complete renovation under the design of architect Jose Martin de Aldehuela.

The present structure boasts an octagonal shape and a large dome covered in intricate lunette detail. They exterior is a prime example of Baroque architecture. Due to both its vast historical significance as well as its unique architectural value, the Church or San Pedro remains the most recognized church in all of Cuenca.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Home away from home: Hotel Zenit 4* in Barcelona, May 21 and 22.

Welcome to Barcelona!

Our travelers from Providence College will arrive to Spain on May 21 to the city of Barcelona, where they will stay for 2 nights at the comfortable and modern 4* Zenit Barcelona Hotel.

This hotel has been recently and totally refurbished, and is now fully equipped with all technologies and commodities to offer a service of the highest quality in Barcelona.  

The 71 rooms of the Zenit Barcelona Hotel are fully soundproofed with double glazing, and sound and temperature control.
They feature, among others:
* Full bathroom suite with hairdryer and magnifying mirror.
* Air conditioning and central heating
* International Channels
* Telephone with direct line
* Free Wi-Fi
* Safe
* Your choice of pillow

The hotel delicious buffet breakfast is served in the Mediterrània Restaurant. They also offer a special gluten free breakfast.  

A few metres from the Zenit Hotel Barcelona you can find the famous Avenida Diagonal, Barcelona’s main artery where you can find a pleasant shopping area full of premium brand establishments. It is only a few minutes from Plaza de Catalunya and from Las Ramblas.

We are sure that this Incantato choice hotel will provide a great rest and a warm and welcoming beginning of your upcoming Spain Performance Tour.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Home away from home: Hotel Alfonso VI in Toledo, on May 26 and 27

During their time in Toledo, capital of the land of Don Quixote Castilla-La Mancha, the Providence College travelers will stay at Toledo Alfonso VI 4* Hotel.

The Alfonso VI hotel crowns the middle of the Old City of Toledo, by the Royal Alcazar and the Zocodover main square.

Next to the Cathedral, views from most rooms will show the magnificent Cathedral as well as the Los Cigarrales surroundings area, with the very specific landscape of Toledo hills.

The style of the hotel is Castilian, with wood, stone and armors used in old medieval times. Toledo is world famous due to the excellent quality of armors and swords, which still nowadays are produced for different armies and collectors around the world.

Recently restored and refurbished, this accommodation surprises by offering a Castilian style decor, with wood and stone, though modern and comfortable.

The rooms at the Hotel Alfonso VI have TV, air conditioning, piped music, heating, free Wi-Fi. There is  Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel. All rooms have marble bathrooms.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Incantato Performance venue: Dominican Basilica of Our Lady of Atocha, Tuesday 28 May - 8 pm: Holy Mass and Choral Concert.

The Providence College Choir will be featured choir on the Royal Basilica of Our Lady of Atocha, where they will sing during Holy Mass, and they will offer a Choral Concert at 8pm, on Tuesday 28 May.

Our Lady of Atocha is the Patron of the Royal House of Spain, Custodian of the Dominicans.

The Royal Basilica of Our Lady of Atocha or Real Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Atocha is one of the three basilica churches in Madrid.
The buildings on the site have a long history. There was a the shrine to Our Lady of Atocha, a Spanish contraction for “Theotokos”, meaning “Mother of God,” or a simplification of “Antiocha” which in the 12th Century under this title was already ancient and beloved.
Our Lady of Atocha chapel was already in Madrid when there was only a field of reeds and a hermitage. The Moor and the Muslim times came – they respected her and left her alone.
When Toledo was sacked in 1170, she remained there, but at some point some sculptures dissappeared.
The original name "Atocha" refers to a lost sculpture of Our Lady, from this former chapel, which was found among some high grasses, (called Tocha) during the time of the Reconquista.

The parish was entrusted to the Dominican Order in 1523, and still is today.
 In 1525 Charles V brought her his bride and asked her blessing upon their marriage; Don Juan of Austria, departing for the Battle of Lepanto, knelt at her feet and pledged his sword to her; after his victory he sent in thanksgiving his sword to her along with the captured Moorish banners.
Despite all these trappings of the high and wealthy, she still remains Our Lady of all the people, beloved of kings and farmers, such as St Isidore.
In 1863, the temple was elevated to the rank of Basilica by Pius IX

The old church was in disrepair and rebuilt in the 1890s in a Neo-Byzantine style designed by Fernando Arbós y Tremanti. The church was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War and reconstruction completed in 1951.

Atocha is Madrid’s royal shrine: there is not a Spaniard of public importance for a thousand years who would not kneel to ask her help. Her gowns are made from the bridal gowns of queens

Monday, April 22, 2013

Incantato performance venue: Providence College Choir will perform Holy Mass at Santa Catalina Convent - Barcelona, Wednesday May 22, 8:00 pm

Our travelers from the Providence College Choir will start their Incantato performance Tour in Spain in the city of Barcelona, where they will perform Holy Mass at the Dominican Convent of Santa Catalina, on Wednesday 22, at 8 pm.

The Convent of St. Catherine, Virgin and Martyr, in Barcelona was founded in 1219, and according to tradition, during a stay of Santo Domingo in the city.
The Convent of the Preachers of Barcelona was prompted by the Bishop Berenguer of Palou (Bishop of Barcelona between 1212 and 1241).

First Convent site memorial (
 Returning from Rome and passing through Bologna, the bishop came into contact with the Dominicans and requested the establishment of a Convent in Barcelona. Those efforts were successful and in 1219 the first Dominicans arrived to the city. The location of the first Community of Preachers was in the Jewish quarter (now Carrer de Sant Domènech 39; at the Call old quarter). They settled in some houses in the neighborhood, and made use of the nearby church of Sant Jaume (in the square of this name, and no longer existing), for liturgical celebrations.

In 1221 a bull of Pope Honorius III, asked the Bishop Berenguer to care for the Preachers that were arrivng into the city.  
Saint Ramon of Penyafort, Cathedral of Barcelona (
In 1223 it became necessary to build a new convent more spacious. King James I favored the initiative and, with the help of many citizens, built a magnificent Gothic building, right in the current Plaza de Santa Catalina.

This Convent became a great center of evangelization, with great social and cultural influence in Catalonia until 1835, when it was sold off and demolished. The Community of the Dominicans was restored in 1889, and since the beginning of s. XX was at Bailen street and Marc Ausiàs.
This Community is a continuation of a long tradition of over 800 years, with such prominent figures as Saint Ramon de Penyafort, Saint Francis Gil de Frederich or Exart Lluis Beat, among others.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Home away from home: Hotel Torremangana in Cuenca, 25 May

Cuenca is an enchanting and unique city in the castilian spanish region, where our Providence College travelers will be hosted in the 4-star Hotel Torremangana for their stay from Saturday 25 until Sunday 26 of May.

Located in front of one beautiful park and leisure area of Cuenca, by the riverside of the Jucar and next to Cuenca old town, the Hotel Torremangana will provide a wonderful and relaxing rest to our travelers.

The hotel has 119 rooms, all of them fully equipped with free Wi-fi access, satellite TV, work desk area, safe deposit box and a spacious bathroom fully equiped with hair dryer.

The garden area and terrace will provide a nice and fresh environment, perfect in the middle of the Providence College Choir performance Tour.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Home away from home: Hotel NH Avenidas in Madrid, 28 May until departure.

Dear travelers,

During your stay in the vibrant city of Madrid, you will be staying at the Incantato selected hotel NH Parque de las Avenidas****.

This modern 4-stars hotel is located in the chic Salamanca neighborhood near the Las Ventas bullring, and
spans a large area of 400 square meters as well as a pleasant garden and terrace measuring over 900 square meters.

The comfortable and contemporary 20-square-meter rooms feature a modern style elegantly presented in warm colors with chic wood floors. All beds feature stylish headboards and super-thick, 32-centimeter mattresses for a superior rest. 

Rooms are equipped with all the amenities you need to feel at home during you business and pleasure travel, including a desk and comfortable chair, upholstered bench, wireless Internet access, individually controlled air-conditioning, mini-bar, safe, Satellite TV, bathtub, hairdryer, and soundproof windows. 

 NH Parque Avenidas hotel in Madrid boasts a swimming pool, a garden, and tennis courts for ours guests' enjoyment---plus free WiFi in our hotel lobby.